Floris' Linguistics page



Pheatures (click to download JAR file), allowing you to browse through the feature chart, search for symbols, do transformations (e.g. +back to -back). Also detects what segments form natural classes. Also available is the Manual.


MarpaOT (click to download JAR file), a tool that allows you to generate OT Tableau code to paste into your LaTeX document. The difference with exisiting tools is that you can make the tableau in your favourite spreadsheet editor, and then save into CSV. So if you want to change something later or add a constraint, you can do so in the source CSV file and easily parse it again. Here's a (silly) example CSV file you can feed into it to see what happens. Here's a multiple tableaux example. Here's a bomb-example.

Galilei - Corpus explorer

Galilei (click to download ZIP file). This program is an intelligent corpus searcher, and it allows you to explore a corpus by entering an n-gram, such as [+border] [+long, +syllabic] [+consonantal], which will make it look for words starting with a long vowel and then a consonant.

How to run JAR files: use the Java VM to open. Windows and MacOS usually do this by default when you double-click the downloaded file. In Unix, run java -jar Marpa.jar.